Fly Fishing

Fly fishing

In the Roaring Fork Valley there is an endless list of activities and experiences
that one can pursue that all end with an “ing”, however, it doesn’t get much
better than fly fishing on gold medal waters with an experienced
and knowledgeable guide from Wild Willow Outfitters. We make it easy by
offering round trip transportation to and from the river while providing all
the equipment necessary for all ability levels to enjoy an authentic Colorado

Looking for a more premier experience, with bigger fish and less river traffic? Our exclusive private water access is unbeatable. 

**CO State Fishing License Required – $17.00 per person***

guided float trip

Join one of our Certified and Seasoned guides for a float down the Roaring Fork River! Enjoy the decadent Colorado  landscapes from a totally unique perspective while floating your flies through trout filled  waters. With sixty pounds of trout per acre of river, this Gold Medal fishery is primed and ready  to put some seriously healthy Rainbows and Browns in your net. All necessary fishing gear and  safety equipment will be provided.  Transportation will need to  be arranged to and from the boat ramp which is approximately 30 min away from Aspen.

Whatever Floats your Boat River Cruise

This trip offers everything you will find in our traditional float except we know fishing is not exactly everyone’s motivation to get out on the river. While all equipment will be on board and available if you get the urge to net a gold medal trout – it does not have to be the focus. We are offering a fully customizable and tailored experience for a private guided tour on the Roaring Fork River with one of our professional, personable, and certified local guides. With wireless Bluetooth speakers on board – enjoy your favorite tunes as you sip your beverages of choice on your way to a riverside picnic breakfast, lunch, or dinner (we highly recommend the sunset cruise). From there, the float continues until we reach our destination, and you are driven home in a private limo.

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4 Hours Door to Door

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